5 Must Have Google Chrome Privacy and Security Extensions

google chrome security extensions

Internet is an ocean of data you can find any information in a fraction of a second. Some time question might arise whether a website which I browsing is secure?
You might wonder, when you searched a term in search engine, the same term ads will appear  on a website later you visit. This is because tracker on a website track your search terms and display ads.

Following article will explains how to secure your chrome browser using some security extensions

The Chrome browser is a most used web browser in the world because of its fast searching feature and easy to use interface. It has tons of free extension to make chrome browser more powerful and smooth browsing experience. I have been using chrome for the past 8 years and it is one the my favorite browser because of the vast availability of security extensions and fast searching capability.

I use chrome browser to manage my financial accounts and sensitive information such as passwords and auto fill emails. To make all my data secure I have been using some security extensions which help to avoid any sensitive data stealing or leakage on the internet.

Why Should Use Security Extensions?

By default Google Chrome browser using safe browsing technology that can give enough security protection to your computer from a range of phishing, malware and social engineering attacks.

However, these security measurements in chrome are not always being suitable. By using external security extension will give an extra layer of security to google chrome and provide a safe browser for all type of threats.

Online transaction sites like E-commerce and internet banking system have highly sensitive data using security extensions will boost up the online security.

Adding an extension to Chrome browser will take extra resource from system to run, which then burden to memory, but that would be negligible when we decided security is more important.

Here are the list of security extensions

Avast Online Security

avast online security

As you know Avast has big name in antivirus technology. They have developed an extension to provide security for the browser. When you search for google avast scans all the search link and display small green check mark icon next to search result indicating secure links.

Avast Online Security uses the community rating system to rate the websites which mean every user who visits the link can able rate the website based on the content it provides and user let rate the site. Community rating helps to identify harmful websites and also warns users to avoid dangerous website from visiting.

It warns if you click dangerous link and also prevent you from entering into a malicious site when you mistype a URL or redirected by a link from an email. It also has do not track technology that can block advertising and tracking sites from secretly tracking.

Avast Online Security extension will identify and block a phishing sites that are trying to steal your sensitive data.

WOT : Web of Trust


WOT is similar to avast online security , a green colored reputation icon will appear next to the every link in search results. Which indicate the link is good and have been rated by the users which they already visited.

Based on the user rating you can easily find which link is good and which link is dangerous. Warning notification will shown to a poor rating websites probably not a good site to visit.

A parental control option is also available and by default it is in deactivate mood, the user can turn it to activate and let your children stay away from adult contents.

HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere

Websites with HTTPS in address bar indicate that the site is using a secure connection. The communication between your browser and the website that you are connected are encrypted and make all your data secure.

You may think how can I make secure connections with non HTTP websites? You don’t have to worry about it. You can make a secure connection using HTTPS Everywhere. HTTPS Everywhere is an extension and is produced as a collaboration between The Tor Project and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

HTTPS Everywhere automatically switches thousands of websites from HTTP to secure HTTPS. The communication between your browser and the website that you wanted to visit are encrypted and making your browser more secure.

If you want to avoid visiting a non HTTP website you need to click the check box in HTTPS Everywhere, a small icon is placed on the right corner of your chrome browser. This option totally blocks any website and show a warning on the screen like Your connection is not private.



How about this, if you are visiting a website from another location than from your actual location? How about watching YouTube, checking Facebook and other blocked websites in your office or school? Where these websites are blocked by the respective authority to prevent high data usage. Don’t worry DotVPN can do lots more for you.

DotVPN is one of the best free VPN extension on internet for chrome, it provides identity protection so that you can stay online as an anonymous and brows any websites including blocked websites.

DotVPN do a lot more than you expect to mention some of its features; It uses 4096 bit encryption, which is 2 times more than banking standards, data compression and integrated firewall blocks all inbound connections. TOR allows to surf onion websites and access to more than 10 locations.

To allow DotVPN to work on your chrome browser you need to sign up and it’s free. DotVPN extension includes built-in ad blocker, track blocker and analytics blocker.


Ghostery extension

If you are more concerned about staying private online and making your activity private then you should check Ghostery. It will block all trackers on any website.

Ghostery uses a different approach for ads blocking. It spots and blocks advertising and social media trackers.
This extension is one of the best tools for blocking trackers. It features blocking of script, element, and cookies.

Some website takes a long time to load the page due to heavy use of tracking script Ghostery will block such tracker and make significant fast loading of a website.


Using extension will suck your system memory and resources which then leads performance issues. If security is the first priority than installing these extensions will create another layer of security wall.

To be secure, you should not install unknown extension which might say security extension or some others. Unknown extension will take your sensitive data such as your browser history, information about your OS and its version, IP address and much more. Please stay away from such extensions.


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