5 Best Free WordPress SEO Plugins to Increase Organic Traffic

wordpress seo plugins

Why SEO is most important for any blog? Because SEO is a gold mine for getting high traffic to your blog. Search engines are the source of organic traffic, hence SEO optimization important.

To make life easy for bloggers, hundreds of SEO plugins were developed and still coming with new features.

Apparently, it is confusing to choose an SEO plugin from the plugin library. To remove your confusion, we have created a list of 5 SEO Plugins for WordPress blog.

A common question that most of the WordPress users have, is it okay to have 2 SEO plugins?

The answer is Yes, but Antonio explained why you should not use more than one seo plugin.

We select following plugins with three factors

  1. How much user downloaded (count)
  2. User Rating
  3. Features provided by plugin

#1 Yoast SEO plugin

yoast seo plugin

Yoast SEO is one of the most downloaded (5 Million downloads at the time of writing this post) WordPress plugin for optimizing any WordPress blog. With Yoast SEO you will get the most advanced tools that help you to increase your blog traffic by targeting at the first page of google search results.

Check out our list of free WordPress business theme with SEO optimized feature.

How YOAST Will Help Your Blog

  1. It will add a sitemap.xml and helps Google and major search engines to publish lists of links from across their sites.
  2. Yoast SEO provides code snippet for ready to go breadcrumbs and it shows users current location on the website and helps Google bot to better understand the hierarchy of the website.
  3. It will set Canonical URL to each page of blog to prevent duplicate content and informs Google identify this page has identical content.
  4. It helps you to set up title, meta description and social sharing information on each page.
  5. Analyses the contents for SEO friendly and gives suggestion to improve the content. Snippet preview show how your title and meta deception are displayed in google results.
  6. Bulk Editor option allow you to quickly edit title and description without having to go each page and post to edit.

#2 All in One SEO Pack

all in one seo pack

The All in One SEO plugin is the second most popular WordPress SEO plugin with 2+ million downloads. It supports all SEO options which are available in Yoast, in addition, it comes with a performance module and provides control over the performance-related settings.

How All in One SEO Pack Will Help Your Blog

  1. Supports XML sitemap and image xml sitemap for both Google and Bing search engine. Improves blog SEO
  2. All in one SEO support Google AMP (Accelerate mobile page)
  3. Provides SEO integration for WooCommerce and e-Commerce websites.
  4. Advanced canonical URL support to avoid typical duplicate content and generates META tags automatically.
  5. Giving user an option to override any title and set any meta description and any meta keywords to improve SEO.
  6. The plugin automatically notifies to major searching like Google and Bing about changes to your blog.

#3 The SEO Framework

the seo framework

What makes The SEO Framework stand out in SEO plugins crowd, it is very simple, lightweight and has no distraction of ads like most famous SEO plugs. This plugin widget will be shown at the side panel of post content below the publish widget made it review post content for SEO optimization.

The SEO Framework is unbranded, which means you cannot see the title anywhere else in the plugin interfaces aside from the activation page, therefore, they are focusing on functionality rather than branding.

How The SEO Framework Will Help Your Blog

  1. Support of breadcrumb improves the Google search results.  Its automatically generate title and description as per google guidelines increases the SEO.
  2. Automatic notification of changes done in your blog major searching like Google, Bing, Yandex and any search networks with its built-in sitemap.
  3. The SEO Framework shows color-coded guides and when hover on it, a popover box will display with improvement guidelines.
  4. By enforcing strict canonical rules prevent the duplicate content. Support of Open graph and Twitter cards propriety for sharing in social networking site.
  5. A major side is that it discourages 404 pages and empty categories from being indexed. Prevent canonical error with categories, pages, sub-domains and multi-site domain mapping.

#4 SEOPress


SEOPress another unbranded, simple, fast and yet powerful SEO plugin with no advertisement and no footprints in the free version. It allows you mages titles and meta descriptions for pages, categories, tags, and posts.

How SEOPress Will Help Your Blog

  1. It creates HTML and XML sitemaps for search engines to find the new content and change in blog. Track your visitors with Google analytics. 
  2. Open Graph, Google knowledge graph and Twitter Cards protocols help in share content in social networking websites.
  3. Canonical URL discourages duplicate content, Meta robots helps identify external url and append nofollow, noindex tags.
  4. Image sitemap improves image search engine index for Google images. Create custom sitemap to increase search index. Custom HTML sitemap to improve navigation for visitors.
  5. Link to social media account, redirection in post, pages, custom post-types. Import/export setting for site to site.

#5 Rank Math

rank math

Unlike other SEO plugins, RankMath has some of the extra features that made it stand out from SEO plugin crowd. It can allow you to have up to 5 focus keyword per post for optimization which is not allowed in other plugins.

The most liked feature is, it will track your keyword ranks and avoid you to go to Google console for checking keyword ranks.

Role manager allow for multi author blog where you can control what another author can do or don’t in RankMath.

How Rank Math Will Help Your Blog

  1. Choosing right keyword for focus keyword, RankMath can help you to get Google suggestion keyword by pulling it from Google suggestion.
  2. Optimization up to 5 focus keywords for per post which will increases the chances of Google rank for multiple keywords.
  3. With Role Manager you can control each author access to RankMath based on their roles in multi author website
  4. Internal link suggestion option help you to build internal linking post to increase page views and reduce bounce rate.


SEO plays a vital role in search engine to display the specific result which eventually increases traffic to any blog which appeared on the first page with a specific keyword.

The objective of the post is to provide information on the different types of SEO plugins and how they differ from each other based on the functionality and options they have provided. Choosing one from the list of 5 would results in good ranking in google.

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