These 5 Lightweight Web Browsers Improve Computer Performance

Web browsers is the most crucial software application for anyone to access information on the internet. The Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft edge, and opera, etc, are the popular among the web browsers, they are secure and easy to use. But they all come to a price of heavy memory usage. Multiple tabs opened on these browsers consume heavy memory; this leads to system unresponsiveness.

On the other hand, a lightweight web browser perform well on an old computers ( older hardware with 2 GB of RAM or less) by using less memory and resources, allow other applications to share the resources.

Here are the our Top 5 pick on lightweight web browsers

Falkon Browser

Falkon Web browser

Falkon is a free and open-source lightweight web browser, initially, the project is developed as a research project written in python with PyQt library back in 2010.

Soon after the increase in browser usage, Falkon source code rewritten in C++ using QtWebKit (web content rendering engine), which includes the standard functionality that is available in modern browsers.

Additional integrated features such as history, web feeds, and bookmark and ability to take a screenshot of the entire page and Opera inspired speed dial.

The browser is available for multiple desktop environments including Windows, Linux, and Mac. It reported consuming fewer resources than the modern mainstream browser.

Operating System: Windows, Linux



Midori Web browser

Midori was developed back in 2017 with the intension of creating an alternative, fast, lightweight and open-source web browser. It uses Webkit as a rendering engine while GTK-2 or GTK-3 serves as an interface and latter Vala replaced original source code.  The browser is so light that it can run on a small embed computer system.

Midori is serious about privacy and this is the reason why the Midori browser created. DuckDuckgo is a default search engine in Midori, since DuckDuckgo maintains the privacy of the users just by blocking ads and trackers.

Operating System: Linux, Android, Windows coming soon



PaleMoon Web Browser

PaleMoon is lessor know, independently developed web browser based on Goanna which is an open-source layout and rendering engine; a forked of from Gecko engine.

Browsing experience in PaleMoon is fairly close to Mozilla firefox, though, it uses a different layout engine with a different set of features.

PaleMoon offers standard implementation of web standards with minimal compromise to strike balance between general use, performance and technical improvements on the web. A growing set of extensions and themes, and the support of  23 languages, hint out the popularity of the browser.

Operating System: Windows, Linux



Seamonkey Web Browser

Seamonkey is a free, open-source internet application suite.  The software suites consist of an internet browser, email client, news client, and  HTML editor and yet lightweight.

The software suite is a continuation of Mozilla software suite until the last release, later Seamonkey council was formed to develop and maintain the application.

Seamonkey undergoes frequent changes and modifications. Improve the application and enable it to include the latest update and features.

Operating System: Windows, Linux, MacOS


Comodo Icedragon

Comodo IceDragon Web Browser

Comodo Icedragon is a free and lightweight browser based on the Mozilla Firefox, with the highest level of security and it is developed to combat the growing internet threats such as malware, virus, and phishing.

The browser is comparable with Firefox plugins and extensions and has all the features present in Firefox.

Comodo Icedragon has privacy enhancement that exceeds those in Chromium technology and prevents all browser download tracking. It has domain validation technology that identifies the SSL certificate and stopes cookies and other web spies from tracking your browser activity.

Operating System: Windows



Mainstream browsers are secure and have been improving on every new release. however, they are much heavy on the resources.

Lightweight web browsers are more of a mainstream browser but they are customised and have lesser functions to improve the performance. These browsers are great fit for older computer, will significantly increase the performance.

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