Best Investing Books Every Investor Should Read Before Investing

Top Books on Investing

Stock market, some refer as gambling place and some take it as profession. If someone don’t know about how stock market works than its common to say that it’s gambling place. Where one earns money and other lose money. If one have knowledge about how stock market works can easily find it as profession.

The Stock market is a highly risky investment; the nature of the market has always been volatile. The rise and fall of the stock price always depend on the news about the company and international economical factors.

One nation stock gets volatile when some other developed and developing countries market and their economical factors.

For those who are beginner in the stock market and those who are experienced trader and investor, here I listed some of the stock market books which will help you to expand your knowledge and analysis skills.

Here is the top list of  Investing books

#1 Security Analysis by Graham and David

security analysis

This is a one of the classical book on stock market written by Professor Graham and David Dodd.  Books contain analyzing security with factors, its historical data and comparing this with other secure investment s.  The theory explained in this book leads the value investing.

Graham was a well known by value investor of the time. This books is for experienced since many economical and mathematical factors are included and might not understand by new investors. This book is worth for having in your book library.

#2 Common Stock and Uncommon profit by Philip Arthur Fisher

Common Stock and Uncommon profit

This book written by Philip Arthur Fisher, a great investor of 19th century.  This book was initially published in 1957. Philip Arthur Fisher explained many factors to pick up the great stocks for long run. His stock picking philosophy can help investor to find the wining stocks. Warren Buffet’s most recommended book for new investors and experienced investors.

#3 Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

Intelligent Investor

This book is written by Professor Benjamin Graham, when he was Professor at Columbia University. He is widely known as “Father of value investing”.  This book is initially published on 1949 and still it is more relevant to the current market.

#4 The Buffettology By Mary Buffett, David Clark

The Buffettology

World’s Investment billionaire Warren Buffet, who followed the Benjamin Graham’s value investing philosophy and made his fortune in stock  market. Mary Buffett a daughter of Warren Buffet who explained what warren buffet thinks about investing in stocks and his principles in investing and picking stocks.

#5 Once Upon Wall Street by Peter Lynch

Once Upon Wall Street

This book is written Peter Lynch; he is a managing director of the Fidelity Magellan Fund. His strategy “Invest in what you know” has made well known person with investors. In this book he has revealed his strategy about picking stocks. In his career at Fidelity Magellan Fund, he has managed to earn more than 30 per cent return on found every year. This book would be worth reading for both beginner and for experienced investors.

#6 How to make money in stocks by William O’Neil

How to make money in stocks

One of the bestselling books in investment system. This book is written by William O’Neil and his powerful C-A-N S-L-I-M winning system a demonstrated seven step process to minimize risk and maximizing gain.  This book explains both fundamental and technical analysis of stock and stock market. This book is highly recommended for new investors.

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